Wherever you are in the menopause journey...

Radiant Wise Woman empowers women forty and better to navigate the challenges of this potent yet often misunderstood passage from perimenopause to menopause and into postmenopause. This candid guide shatters outdated myths and gives women the tools they need to resolve issues including hormone imbalance, hot flashes, anxiety, and low libido. With a dramatic pro-age message, this book reframes menopause- as the greatest opportunity for the full flowering of women’s health, creativity, and optimism.

In this book, you'll find...

Secrets to feeling vibrant, healthy, and more attractive than ever

Natural relief for hot flashes, anxiety, and sleepless nights

How to rejuvenate your sex life and enjoy more pleasure

The three powerful allies you can call on now for loving guidance

Advice for the men in your life seeking to understand and support you

How to age gracefully with creativity, diet, and other factors within your control

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