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Are you struggling through your menopausal years wondering
What on earth is going on with my body?

Do you feel irritable and not like yourself?

Are you tired of hot flashes and waking up tired?

Have you lost your sexy mojo?

Do you feel like your life is downhill from here, and that it’s too late for a second chance?

Here’s the good news.

You can sail into this new phase of life—your second spring—with confidence, feeling your best and looking forward to what’s next!

You may be feeling like you’ve lost your way, but you are not alone.

I’m here to offer you a proven roadmap back home to yourself. To introduce you to three powerful allies who are ready to help you discover the joy of your wisdom years.

I believe in you. I see your light.

Let’s throw out the old story of aging and write your brilliant new story. Find the answers so you’re emotionally free, sexually alive, and filled with new energy.

Calm. Joyful. Clear.

It’s time for you to say “yes” to the vibrant, wise woman within.

Lee Irwin dispels the limiting messages women have been told for generations about what it means to get older. She brings us to midlife wonder realizing that we have our best years yet to live.

~Kristine Carlson, NYT best-selling Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff  books

Coming soon!

Struggling through menopause?
Worried it’s all downhill from here?

This book shatters the myths of aging.
Because it’s natural for women to feel vibrant, healthy, and more attractive than ever after menopause.

Inside, you’ll meet women like you who have transformed their lives.

You can overcome hot flashes, mood swings, and sleepless nights. Become sexually alive, emotionally free, and
excited about what’s next!

Discover the surprising truth
about your wild, orgasmic wisdom.

Lee S. Irwin and Associates //

Hello! If we haven’t met before, I’m Lee Irwin. I’m an author, retreat leader, teacher, entrepreneur, mother, grandmother and artist who’s been sharing her heart for 20+ years as a Transformation Mentor and Intuitive Healer for women.

Women hire me to help them know and trust themselves better so they can live a self-expressed life. My work is steeped in candor, kindness and practical solutions and I share my own creative journey to inspire you on yours.

I’m so glad you’re here!

I thrive on: Creating the results my clients want, watercolor painting, stories, spicy curries and belly-laughs. Oh yes! And loving like crazy.

Favorite way to feel: Connected, playful and generous.

Ginormous personal aspiration: “Love what is happening now”.

What lights me up: Soul-to-soul talks & sparkly earrings.

My life purpose: Inspire women to boldly live their unique purpose and join with others to bring fierce grace and healing to the world now.

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