Claim My Sexuality

Reclaim Your Sacred Sexuality

“Sexuality is actually one of the ways we become enlightened because it leads us to self-knowledge.”  Alice Walker

Sexual Energy is a universal life force and conceiving power that allows us to express our joy, creativity, zest for life, and it is a vital part of who we are as human beings. Are you ready to reclaim your sexuality?

There is so much disinformation surrounding sex and its powerful essence and very little information on how to express this sacred energy and connect with our bodies.

Studies show that many women believe the myth that as we age, there is no longer a need or desire for intimacy, and we are no longer sexy or desirable.

According to the Chinese medicine perspective, menopause is the “Second Spring”, a time of rebirth into what can be the most sensual and creative time in a woman’s life.

Let’s dive into the beauty of our sacred selves so we can reignite and fully embrace this powerful sexual energy and bring it back into our lives in a healthy and fulfilling way.

Spirituality and Sexual Energy

How To Be More Spiritual to Improve Your Sexuality

“In the art of sacred sexuality, our bodies meet to physically express what is felt in our hearts and in our souls.” Michael Mirdad

In our society, sex and spirituality are not usually placed together, and many times sex is considered sinful or forbidden. 

Sex is often viewed as simply a physical act of derived pleasure.

While there is nothing wrong with that, we can elevate our sexual experience by really connecting with ourselves and our partner.

When we incorporate emotional and spiritual aspects along with connection and mindfulness, we can truly reclaim and integrate our “Inner Maiden” and bring back all the pleasures that go along with this aspect of ourselves.

Reconnecting with Ourselves

Connect With Self

“I awaken my desire when I think of myself, when I take care of myself, when I pamper myself, when I give myself time to go and do the things that make me feel alive.”

Esther Perel

Connection with ourselves is the most powerful connection we can have and will lead to reclaiming your sexuality.

In his book, “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depended on it”, author Kamal Ravikant asks, “What if you don’t believe that you love yourself?” He claims this doesn’t matter and says our role is to lay down the pathways, brick upon brick, and reinforce the connections between the neurons in your brain. The mind already has a strong wiring for love. The body knows it as well. It knows that love is gentle and accepting. It knows that love heals.

Accepting ourselves deeply and without reservations helps us connect in a powerful way to love, healing old wounds and misguided beliefs.”


A simple practice of journaling on what we believe about ourselves in our relationship to sex and our own bodies can help us to get in touch with our beliefs around sexuality and any unhealed trauma. This will do wonders for reclaiming your sexuality.


Another powerful way to reconnect with our deepest selves and the Divine essence within. Spending even 3 minutes a day tuning into your body is a very powerful gift to yourself. Simply be still, put one hand on your heart and notice the temperature of the air as you breathe in and out your nostrils.

This practice can be incorporated into lovemaking as well, bringing a whole new level of connection to yourself and to your partner.

Finally, some of the best ways to reclaim and reignite our exquisite life force energy is to simply have more fun.

Play, dance, create and explore things that bring more joy into your life and remember…passion is about permission to feel good!

Practicing Mindfulness and Pleasure

“It’s time we saw sex as the truly sacred art that it is.  A deep meditation, a holy communion and a dance with the force of creation.”  Marcus Allen

For many of us, life’s stresses and responsibilities can get in the way of experiencing pleasure in our lives. Whether it is taking the time to enjoy a delicious meal, a warm bath, or the delight of sensual touch, giving yourself the precious gift of self-care can actually create a feeling of expanded time as we enjoy our lives more and feel more connected and alive.

Allow Yourself to Really Feel

When experiencing things that could bring you pleasure, take a moment to be fully present…starting with the breath and really feeling your divine essence by allowing yourself to truly be present in your own beautiful body.

Practice Mindfulness

Free your soul to have this human experience by utilizing all your senses and mindfully letting go while getting out of your head. Practice mindfulness in small ways throughout the day, from taking a shower in the morning to chopping vegetables in the evening to gazing into your partner’s eyes or your own lovely eyes.

Life is filled with opportunities to experience pleasure, and all it takes is saying yes!


Yoga is an ancient practice that combines the body, mind and breath–an intentional way to move and be present with our beautiful bodies.

Never tried at-home yoga before?

There are plenty of free yoga classes on Youtube!

In the words of Sioux wisdom, “The longest journey you will ever make in your life is from your head to  your heart.”

Practicing mindfulness and random acts of pleasure will help to pave the way to reclaiming your sexuality.

Take that journey and let it awaken the opportunity to deeply love yourself and others fully and completely.

Embracing Sexual Energy

How to Have More Energy

“Sexual energy is the physical expression of our Spiritual power.”  Margot Anand

Everything in our world is the result of this sacred exchange of energy between plants, animals, and people. Reclaim your sexual energy and transform your life.

This life force energy exists in all of creation and we get to express this aliveness in our own unique ways through curiosity, imagination, and playfulness.

Many indigenous cultures viewed sexuality as a natural path to connecting with the sacred. In many tantric traditions, sex represents the union between God and Goddess, matter and consciousness bonding together, creating the universe and creating us.

How incredibly powerful and life-changing it can be to view and embrace ourselves and our relationship to sexual energy in that way.

Part of the journey begins with reconnecting with ourselves and getting to know our own bodies, emotions, and beliefs around sex.

As we move from maiden to menopause and into our wisdom years, we can tap into the freedom to truly come home to ourselves and express ourselves fully and without reservation!

So now it’s YOUR turn to get to know yourself, your body and your desires and jump into this “Second Spring” of your life with renewed energy for your wild heart and orgasmic wisdom!

Let this quote by Danielle LaPorte guide your way…

What if desire wasn’t an urge to be tamed but a beacon of truth to be followed? Would you be able to reclaim your sexuality?

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