Person to person, moment to moment, as we love, we change the world.
~ Samahria Lyte Kaufman

I’m committed to giving at least 10% of my revenue to organizations that empower women and girls.

Just Like My Child is one I’m happy to endorse. They have big impact, not big overhead.

I met the founder of Just Like My Child at an event for heart-centered businesswomen. Her big vision? Empower one million girls and their communities in Africa and the Middle East.



The Girl Power Project, one of JLMC’s programs in rural Uganda, works directly with village leaders to empower vulnerable adolescent girls to stay in school, avoid early pregnancy, abuse and disease so they can live out their dreams.

The girls come into Girl Power speaking in whispers, unable to make eye contact. When they leave, they have a clear gaze. They have found their own strong voice. They return to their village and say ‘no’ to abuse and early marriage.

Many of these girls start micro-enterprises with their mothers and sisters. They are breaking the cycle of poverty and helping their families prosper without further aid.



The results of the program speak for themselves. After going through the program…

81% of girls can identify risks of early marriage, while only 40% of them were able to do so at the beginning.

62% of girls can identify that spousal abuse is not justified, compared to 26% able to do so at the beginning.

93% of girls have a higher attitude regarding their self esteem, compared to 61% at the beginning of the program.


Learn more about the Girl Power Project Results.