I had just finished four days of immersion in a Transformational Speaking experience. The six women in the group had opened our hearts to each other – sharing the stories we had never spoken aloud until we met.

On the final night before our debut performance, I had a vocal alchemy session with an intuitive energy healer who used sound vibration to raise my frequency. The moment she started singing at my feet – I had a clear sense of “This feels so familiar. I am HOME”. I felt invisible spirit hands gently massaging the top of my head.

The next day I spoke with a power and emotion I’d never before expressed in public. Later, after tender good-byes with my new best friends, I moved to the Airbnb cottage I had rented for a few days’ vacation in Santa Fe.

My heart had been broken wide open.

I woke up the next morning with the blue sky peeking through my red woven curtain.

I pulled on my booties and padded into the kitchen where my hostess had left a note.

Enjoy the yogurt and blackberries in the fridge. Bag of oatmeal is on the counter. Organic French press coffee beans are ready to be ground.

I stirred the oats in a pot of hot water till they were creamy and spooned them into a yellow pottery bowl. Reached into the fridge and pulled out the carton of lush, deep purple blackberries. I plucked out three of the ginormous berries and placed them on the porridge, feeling like Goldilocks.

Except it wasn’t ‘just right’. I was thinking I want more blackberries!

But then I heard the familiar refrain:

Oh, no, you shouldn’t take more…don’t be greedy.

With a jolt, I remembered what Robin, one of my new friends had said the day before.

Girls, there’s plenty! See it and receive it!

Oh, I get it. Robin was right. Here’s a whole box of glistening blackberries and I can have as many as I allow myself to receive.


It may seem like a simple thing to you.

But to me, this porridge was showing me the generosity of the Universe.


I know I’ve never enjoyed a bowl of hot cereal as fully as I did that morning.

Turquoise sky, warm sunshine, purple mountains in the distance.

Each spoonful steaming, salty, sweet.

Satisfying to all of me.


As I basked in the sun, I felt the richness of life pouring through every cell.

Here’s the thing.

When you keep your vibration high, abundant gifts will appear before you –

each one as recognizable as a succulent berry.


All of you are really good at giving.

But we are also meant to want and receive.

So when a gift appears before you, ask yourself:

How did I create the space for THIS?

How much of this am I willing to RECEIVE?


The Universe loves you and wants you to win.

Here’s to seeing and receiving, dear ones!







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The note read, "Enjoy the berries in the fridge." I pulled out the carton of lush blackberries and plucked out three... but something wasn't right...

The note read, "Enjoy the berries in the fridge." I pulled out the carton of lush blackberries and plucked out three... but something wasn't right...

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