Who’s Driving Your Car?

Oh, my! It’s certainly been a while since I’ve popped over to the blog… let’s see, where to begin?

I’ve been on a journey, and it started in the rainforests of Costa Rica. After spending a wildly emotional week there and having a brief encounter with a magician, my journey continued to a rocky beach in Encinitas, California.

While visiting a girlfriend there, I had an amazing experience that I journaled about. I want to share it with you:

We’d been walking to a local coffee shop in the early morning, ocean breezes tickling our faces. Smooth mocha javas boosted our energy, and we began to explore the neighborhood. I was drawn to an out-of-the-way crystal shop, its front window filled with big stones and tinkling wind chimes. Nothing too spectacular. I walked in the front door and found myself turning left, headed toward a giant, sparkling purple amethyst. It felt like a huge magnet was pulling me toward it.

Three men were sitting at a table nearby studying several large multi-faceted rocks. One of the men tugged on my sleeve and said, “This rock wants to play with you.”

Dude, is that some kinda crystal shop pickup line?

We started talking and I found out one of the men (the store owner) had been very ill. I asked if he would like a healing session. He stood in front of the amethyst. By the end of the healing ritual his face was radiant and he looked 20 years younger.

I left there feeling buzzy. Heart wide open. I could feel an unmistakable flow of energy and peace surging through my body.

What was this? Coincidence? Divine guidance?

Well, I can’t know for certain. All I know is that since that day in the crystal shop, I’ve started every morning by asking my guides to help me surrender: Please help me get out of the way.Letting your egomake your decisionsis like handingyour car keysto a toddler

And surprising (yet cool) things are happening.

You know what else? This inside-out journey has felt dang confusing at times.

I’ve cried my face off. Curled up in a ball on the bed. Danced like a wild woman. Sat face-to-face with my pushy ego. Told her she’d been working overtime and it was time for a break. Took the car keys and invited her to get in the back seat.

They say chaos is the ultimate cleanser, and I’m finding that it’s true. I’ve cleaned out lots of old stuff I don’t need any more.

  • Like people-pleasing (hello, healthy boundaries!)
  • Following what the ‘experts’ say to do (welcome, wise inner voice)
  • Trying to control things to avoid making a mistake (yay for freakin’ growth opportunities!)

Through it all, my heart is full. Because now I know 3 things:

I’m alive.

I’m here for a reason.

I can trust that all I need is being provided.

One of the things that has been provided to me… is YOU. It means the world to me that you’re here, and I’d love for us to share this journey. Let’s stretch and stay curious and reach for our greatness together. It’ll be way easier and more fun when we’re cheering each another on!

Reach out to me anytime it feels right to you, or pop over to this new Facebook group I’ve started for women entrepreneurs who want to grow their business from a guided spiritual place.

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Ever so thankful for you!




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