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Saint Patrick’s Day Alternatives

Saint Patrick's Day Alternatives if you're sick of green beer and LED necklaces...

Saint Patrick’s Day may have honorable historical roots, but the current celebratory trappings make me cringe. For starters, you’ve got sparkly plastic necklaces with LED strobe lights, striped knee-high socks (can we just ban these already?), and *shudder* green beer. ‘Nuff said. As a form of self-respecting protest, I’ve collected some of my favorite fun alternatives to bring more green into your world this Saint Patrick’s Day – sans the socks.…

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How I Fly Across the Country and Show Up Sane (Some of My Best Healthy Travel Tips)

Travel destinations are delightful, but getting there comes with a high price to your health. Here's my top healthy travel tips for arriving sniffle-free! //

Travel destinations can be delightful, but getting there can come with a high price to your health. The literal experience of “getting away” exposes your poor body to a multitude of germs, bad sleep opportunities, time zone trials, and over-processed air. I’m fortunate to travel frequently – this year I’m planning multiple trips to California and Costa Rica, and up to New York to visit family. I’m excited, of course,…

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