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Reflecting on 2015: Finding My Way

It’s been a quiet month around here… well, on the outside at least! On the outside, I’ve been cozying up in front of the fire and drinking as much tea as possible. But inside, I’m feeling the stirrings of energy again. I have new ideas – new thoughts and ways of thinking. New strength and new resolve. Reflecting on the past year has played a big part of this. The further…

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Why I’m NOT Conquering the World in 2016 (and 3 Reasons Why You Should Join Me!)

I gotta be honest, ladies. 2015 was a wild ride. I mean that in the full sense of bucking-bronco, I-might-actually-not-make-it-through-this-one kind of ride. As a coach, I spend my days encouraging people to reach their fullest potential. I walk them through their challenges and celebrate their successes when they win the day. I try to follow my own advice… but when 2015 ended, I felt completely exhausted. Burnt out. Empty. Can anyone here relate?  …

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