The Spring Fashion Transition

Transitioning from Winter into Spring fashion is difficult enough to drive a groundhog back into his hole! Luckily I kept notes last year... and I'm sharing them with you!

I have no idea what to call this time of year… Wring? Sprinter?

Whatever you call it, it’s a challenge to my closet.

Trying to balance the layers, the colors, the temperatures… transitioning from Winter into Spring fashion is enough to drive a groundhog back into his hole!

Luckily, I kept a few notes last year, and I’m spilling the details for how to make this seasonal transition in a classy and non-chilly way!

See what I mean – Check out my Pinterest board for Transitional Fashion

Color Me Happy

Keep the weights and styles of winter clothing, but try a cheerier color. A vivid scarf, bright skirt, or pastel trench coat can put a “spring in your step” for sure! (See what I did there… haha…)

Lighten Your Layers

When the temperatures are all over the charts, the only way to survive out there is with layers. A shell top with an open button-down blouse and topped off with a feminine blazer will transition well throughout the day. But at risk of looking like the little brother on The Christmas Story, keep each layer as thin as possible.

Switch Your Swatches

Toss the tweed and try something floaty; the same style can look completely different in a new fabric. Linen, chambray, and silk are great options for this transitional time. Be cautious about mixing seasonal fabrics, though – you wouldn’t want to look like a March storm flew through your closet!

See what I mean – Check out my Pinterest board for Transitional Fashion

Bonus Tip… Say Hello to the Sunshine

When it comes to your makeup, natural lighting can make all the difference. Obviously we can’t all have a beautiful east-facing bathroom window… so give your face a once-over once you get into your car (BEFORE you start driving, of course!). You’ll be surprised at what the natural light can reveal.


What’d I miss – What are your best Spring fashion transition tips?




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