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Connecting with my tribe and sharing positive energy is one of my favorite parts of my business! We heart-centered entrepreneurs count on spiritual guidance and we’re also looking for good, solid business advice. Since a lot of our connections happen via the internet these days, where better to start than a roundup of my favorite social media resources!

The social media platforms I focus on for my business are Facebook and Instagram. I’ve tried the ‘scatter-shot’ approach in an attempt to cover every base, but it made me go bonkers. I found it’s better to 1) choose one or two places where my ideal clients hang out 2) execute with excellence.

There’s so much to learn, and it all changes so fast! Hashtags, advertising, scheduling… and my assistant keeps talking about “flat-lays,” whatever those are. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but one cure is to get up-to-date guidance. Ta-da! I’m sharing my go-to social media resources with you:

The Social Media Examiner

This self-proclaimed “guide to the social media jungle” is a bona-fide treasure chest. Every week, it seems, there are changes in some platform or another… this site is ALLLLL over it! Easy to search, easy to understand, and accurate to a “T”!

Amy Porterfield

Amy is a genius, a sweetie… and a social media strategy consultant, to boot! Her podcast is an absolute must-have in any entrepreneur’s toolkit. Her resources are top-notch. Her strategies are simple to implement. Her jokes are hilarious.

Buffer Blog

Buffer is a social media scheduling tool – one of many, actually. And while they’re obviously a leeeeeetle biased in favor of their own product (and so am I, incidentally), their blog is full of social media experiments to try, case studies from other entrepreneurs who are leveraging social media, and the latest in internet marketing research. A grab bag of fun!


Where do I even begin? Far beyond healthy recipes or home decor inspiration, Pinterest is an amazing resource for social media help – a simple search for “Instagram Tips” gave me literally hundreds of options in many directions:

As if that weren’t already wonderful, Pinterest is the resource I have to thank for bringing me the wisdom of these amazing women:

Enjoy the wealth of information here, and share your own! Let me hear what techniques you’re trying and how it’s working out for you.

I’d love to see you in my Facebook group of Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs! It’s a great place to float your ideas, give feedback to other business owners, and clarify *your* big vision.


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My Go-To Social Media Resources from Lee S. Irwin

My Go-To Social Media Resources from Lee S. Irwin

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