Saint Patrick’s Day Alternatives

Saint Patrick's Day Alternatives if you're sick of green beer and LED necklaces...

Saint Patrick’s Day may have honorable historical roots, but the current celebratory trappings make me cringe. For starters, you’ve got sparkly plastic necklaces with LED strobe lights, striped knee-high socks (can we just ban these already?), and *shudder* green beer.

‘Nuff said. As a form of self-respecting protest, I’ve collected some of my favorite fun alternatives to bring more green into your world this Saint Patrick’s Day – sans the socks.

Saint Patrick’s Day Alternative #1: Eat Green

One of my absolute favorite ways to eat my veggies is in a smoothie! Baby kale or baby spinach have a light, elusive flavor and blend up perfectly with a frozen banana, berries, and other healthy goodies. I’ve recently discovered Simple Green Smoothies and I’m thiiiiis close to jumping on their 21-day challenge bandwagon. Their Pina Colada smoothie recipe is the latest divine creation I can’t get enough of.

Check out my curated delicious & healthy smoothie recipes on Pinterest.

Saint Patrick’s Day Alternative #2: Wear Green

I can’t be the only person that doesn’t look good in bright, garish green… leave those hues to the leprechauns and look to nature for inspiration instead! Your front lawn is a wonderful starting point – the baby leaves, pond foliage, and even birds can produce shades of green that will flatter you. Personally I’m partial to shades of olive, evergreen, and mint… but you’ll have to experiment to find your Saint Patrick’s Day soulmates!

Check out my curated Pinterest board for Spring fashion inspiration.

Saint Patrick’s Day Alternative #3: Save Green

Saint Patrick's Day alternatives include saving green instead of wearing it! I'll be staying here courtesy of Airbnb instead of shelling out for a fancy hotel...
This is where I’ll be staying on my next journey to California. A gorgeous house, and the amenities are divine!

I like a luxury hotel as much as the next gal, but have trouble justifying the price tag – especially in metropolitan areas. Enter Airbnb – my favorite option for beautiful and affordable lodging. You can be as particular as you like when searching for a home away from home – if you’ve just got to have a pool and can’t be without your pooch, there’s a filter for that. Plus you’ll head home with the satisfaction of knowing you supported a local community instead of a mega-corporation.

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Do you have any Saint Patrick’s Day traditions? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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