Radiant Wise Woman Retreat

Radiant Wise Woman Retreat

with Lee S. Irwin

August 6 – 10, 2018

At the Radiant Wise Woman Retreat, you will come alive to your true self – magnetic, sexy, strong and clear — as you discover the delight of living life as a joyful journey.

Who is this for?

  • This retreat is for women over 45 who are entering the Wise Woman phase of life and want to know how to use it!

Why is this so important now?

  • There is no map for the Wise Woman and none of us learned it from our parents

  • The old paradigms of power, money and separation are crumbling

  • Wise Women are the ones who will lead the way to a new earth

  • Young women are looking to the Wise Women for guidance

  • To fulfill your divine mission on earth you need to bring your Wise Woman IN

What will you experience?

Connect with other high-vibe women and feel a deep sense of belonging.

Relax and let yourself be seen and supported by others who are ready, open and willing to do the deepest soul work.

You will find yourself healing on every level, simply by being in this “pura vida” (life is good) place, surrounded by pure air and water and the beauty of mother earth.

Each day is intentionally designed with a balance of yoga, creative play, transformational breathwork, deep sharing, rest and reflection to help you:

  • Heal the past and remember who you really are.
  • Integrate all three vital aspects of womanhood: Your playful Inner Child, your grounded Queen, and your intuitive Wise Woman.
  • Truly get on life purpose so you can serve at the highest level.
  • Embody Your Hottie: Rekindle your inner fire to create greater wealth and open up to pleasure.

You’ll bask in the luxury of time for yourself – swim in the salt water pool, ride horses, hike to the pristine waterfalls, journal or simply nap in the hammocks.

As you enjoy ancient women’s wisdom ceremonies and connect with nature in this safe and nurturing cocoon, you will experience the rebirth of your soul.

You will return home with clarity and renewed energy, knowing who you are, why you are here  and what you are meant to do. You will show up as your highest self to make a bigger difference in the world.

Enjoy the beauty and magic of Synergida Costa Rica.

You will be guided on this journey by Lee Irwin, intuitive master of the art and soul of women’s transformation with 30+ years of education, experience and wisdom in holistic healing and personal evolution.

Come swim in the salt water infinity pool overlooking the sacred Chirripo Mountain Vortex, enjoy delicious farm-to-table organic meals prepared with love by an exceptional chef, hike in the rainforest, visit monkeys, and bask in the private waterfalls. This luxury resort for transformational retreats is the perfect place to energize and embody the next level of your brilliant life.

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About Us

Ireland (2016)Lee S. Irwin guides women leaders to live their highest purpose for greater income and impact. She is the leader of the vibrant international community Radiant Wise Woman Sisterhood and is a founding member of Synergida Costa Rica. Lee is currently collaborating with best-selling author Kristine Carlson (Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff) to complete her new book in October: Break Free from the Hormone Trap: The Wise Woman Way to Live a Wildly Orgasmic Life. Lee’s divine mission is to call in and activate the women who came to the planet at this auspicious time to be the change-makers, the gift-sharers, the love-creators.




Jasper Elliott Wolfe discovered yoga in 2002 during a time when she was unhealthy, anxious, and struggling to find real purpose and connection. During her first experience with the yogic breath, she realized she had found a simple way to connect with Spirit through the present moment. Since 2006, she has been teaching Slow & Sacred Yoga which adapts yoga to the individual while they meditate on gratitude. In 2016 she fulfilled her dream of opening a healing arts center dedicated to “heal yourself & heal the planet”. Jasper has studied extensively with world-renowned yoga masters and with Off the Mat – Into the World. She is passionate about helping others connect to their spirit and awaken their heart.