A View From the Top – Or the Bottom

Sleeping Bear Dunes in Northwest Michigan is a place to be reckoned with. I visited the park with my boyfriend one summer when I was in my twenties. I wore a pair of flip-flops and gripped a 12-oz bottle of water. Eyeing the first dune, it occurred to me that maybe I should have done my homework. It was a monster dune, peaking at about 150 ft . We trekked…

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Name That Bird

A friend of mine just called and told me this story. She walked out her front door and was stopped in her tracks by the wild screech of a hawk. She loves hawks. She looked up, down, and sideways to catch a glimpse of the bird. She was determined to find that hawk. No hawk could she find. She tilted her head slightly and spied, perched high on a telephone…

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