How to Get a Million Dollars in 30 Seconds Or Less

Okay, okay… You caught me. I don’t have the highly guarded secrets to making a million dollars, but… I do know there are 4 specific ways people are sabotaging their chances at getting what they want (like, a million dollars). Here’s the full story: Last week I was at a big event in San Diego with 300 other amazing people from around the world. Now, in the past when I’ve…

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How to Be Happy: The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

My mentor tells this great story about the last 9-5 job he ever held before becoming a coach. It opens with “I took this job to temporarily make some money while I got my own business off the ground. Four years later…” and ends with “If it weren’t for that Angel, I wouldn’t be where I am today: living my purpose and the lifestyle of my dreams.” So, what happened between…

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Confessions of a Serial Self-blamer

This message from a coaching client came to my inbox today,  She gave me the go-ahead to share it with you. Lee, may I sit in the confessional for a minute? No, nothing really horrible, just embarrassing. CONFESSION: I’m trying to tie up loose ends before I leave on a long trip. I’ve been going through paperwork.  Straightening, cleaning, organizing, tossing, filing, giving away. Completing paperwork is not my best…

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