Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

You know that person who's driving you crazy? They're meant to show you something about yourself. Something you can't ignore if you want to be successful...

I asked my Upstairs Business Team (aka Guides) if there was a message I could share with you all, and this is what I’ve received.

This is strong (some of my Guides are very direct) and you may feel resistance to it, but please know it’s delivered with so much love. This is meant to serve those of you who need to hear it. Read on, take what you can use & leave the rest…

If there’s someone in your life who is driving you crazy – stop complaining about it.

I mean it. Stop it.

Get radically honest with yourself about your part, but don’t blame or shame yourself.

This person is a mirror for you, just like everyone in our life is a mirror for us.

Sometimes we get mirrored back to us our greatness, our light, our compassion.

And sometimes what we see in that mirror they are holding up is the darker part of ourselves – what we haven’t been willing to face.

The crazier that “other” person is – the louder the wake-up call is for us.

When you get confronted with your shadow, let it come to the surface and love it as best you can.

Don’t get stuck in an endless bad dream.

Where are you playing the victim? Is it with your bank account, your partner, a business deal, technology, a friend, your clients?

It’s time to step out of the victim role and grow yourself up.

If something is happening in your life that isn’t working for you – own it.

Be willing to look at the ways you’ve contributed to this situation.

Ask… how is the situation actually serving you?

Ask… what higher part of you is being called forth?

What do you know you need to do that’s scaring the pants off you?





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