Making Peace with Vampires

It waits for me patiently, knowing I’ll return… and when I do? It sucks my blood… err, energy!

This fearsome creature is not Dracula, although that would be quite difficult to explain to the neighbors. No, it is the Energy Vampire that I actually invited into my house! I have allowed this four-legged monster to live here, made a space for it, and mostly ignored the energy-draining effects that it had on my life.

That’s right… my desk chair!

You were hoping for something a little more dramatic? Let me explain.EEEK!

I needed a space to sit while I read your lovely emails and Facebook posts. So, I grabbed whatever was immediately available to me and moved on. Problem solved, right?

Discomfort set in, especially when I sat there day after day. I ordered an air cushion for the seat, thinking that would do the trick. By the end of the day, my back was aching from the weird angle.

I got a foam wedge to put on top of the air cushion. Result? I bobbled all around like one of those dashboard toys, only this one still had a sore back!

Weeks went by and I put up with this awful chair, never quite giving it my full attention, and totally ignoring what my body was screaming for.

Until one day a friend (who happens to be an interior designer) walked into my office, saw the offending chair, picked it up and carried it out of the room!

“For cryin out loud, Lee!” they said. “Go get you a better chair…with rollers!”

I listened and oh, what bliss! Within a very short time, I had an office chair that fit like a glove (with adjustable lumbar support)!

I can think more clearly. The fog is lifting… and now I see how I resisted change and put off taking the next step.

The truth is, we all do this.

Resisting change is our feeble attempt to pacify our ego.

Our ego’s one and only job is to keep us stuck, playing small.

I started the year with one theme: SIMPLIFY

I didn’t know what would come. I just knew I had to ground myself. No sudden moves.

Listen for guidance. Take baby steps.

A mentor once told me: If you have the courage to trust and take the next inspired step without being able to see the outcome, you will come out the other side.

This year, so far, has been full of pop quizzes to test my faith.

For sure I haven’t made an “A” on all the tests.

But I can feel myself changing.

Here’s one thing that’s opening up for me…

Create a community of spiritual women entrepreneurs, visionary leaders and healers.

Serve these women who want a thriving business and an awesome life to help them live in abundance, give from their heart and play full out.

This feels comforting and thrilling. New but familiar, and oh-so-personal. Delightful!

We’re having a great time over there, and I hope you’ll join us.

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