Introvert or Extrovert – Are You Sure?

introvert or extrovert

I’ve been hearing a lot of women talk about being introverts or extroverts, and asking questions like…

introvert or extrovert

“How much time do I need to myself before it turns into hiding?”

This is a great question and before I answer it, I think it’s really important to understand exactly what an introvert really is. How can you tell if you are one?

There’s a good number of women who call themselves introverts when they really aren’t. It’s keeping them unconsciously negative (yes, you read that right), underwhelmed with life, and feeling like no matter what they do they never have enough energy.

What is an Introvert? Here’s a neat info-graphic that does a jam up job of explaining it…

introvert or extrovert

 So, an introvert likes people, but needs to recharge her energy by being alone, as opposed to extroverts, who get energy from being around others. 

In other words, introverts don’t hate people. They aren’t shy.

What I’ve noticed is a lot more women are labeling themselves as introverted when they really aren’t.  They DO get their energy from others, but because they’re getting overwhelmed after hanging out with other people, they consider themselves introverted.

That’s not being an introvert; that’s being withdrawn.

I’ve also noticed that once these women have labeled themselves as introverted (when they’re actually not), they’ve now made themselves automatically and unconsciously negative by thinking “I can’t be around people too long.  I get too tired.”

And because they are actually extroverts, meaning they get their energy from other people, they are depriving themselves of a big part of what gives them major juice. This results in… you guessed it…zapped energy!

Now the question is no longer “How much time do I need to myself before it turns into hiding?” but Why are so many of us women getting overwhelmed (and sometimes have a depressed mood) after hanging out with people?

That’s a great question too and you’ll get the answer in next week’s blog post. 

For now, take a moment to check in with yourself – Do you see yourself as an introvert or extrovert?

Let me know in the comments below.

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