What I’m Into (October 2016 Edition)

Happy October! Find out what's at the tippy-top of my reading pile, stirring deep in my heart, and what I can't stop eating...

On My Bookshelf…

Transformational Speaking by Gail Larsen

If you only buy one book on speaking, let this be the one! Gail is a master at engaging the authentic voice of every speaker. My confidence leaped forward with her practical tools… and I loved learning about grounding into my “Home Zone” and discovering my “original medicine.” As Gail says, “If you want to change the world, tell a better story.”

In My Tummy…

I’m still practicing how to pronounce it, but I’m sorta addicted to bibimbap, a traditional Korean delicious amazing steaming flavor-burst experience like no other! Rice and vegetables… meat optional… and my favorite is served in a hot stone bowl called a Dolsot. You’ve got to try this

I’ve been experimenting with this recipe from My Korean Kitchen. Please send me your favorites if you have them!

In My World…

I had the chance to visit Manhattan recently, spending some quality time with my son and urban-hiking around Brooklyn. One of THE highlights of this wonderful long weekend was my visit to the Storm King Art Center near West Point.

Oh, my… Earth. Sky. Sculpture. Sweeping vistas of the Hudson Valley. Mind-blowing modern art and two surprise finds:

  • The Arch – one of the last monumental works created by Alexander Calderr before his death in 1976.
  • Storm King Wall, built by Andy Goldsworthy in 2010. A puzzle-like structure of Precambrian stone snaking over 2200 feet – and built entirely by hand!

In My Head…

I’m learning how to identify what I don’t LOVE about my business and how to delegate it! I am assembling what I call my Team Awesome (virtual assistant, graphic designer, web guru) and am tapping them a lot more when I encounter something that’s just not my “cake.”

I used to do everything in my business, whether I liked it, was good at it, or not! Now, with LOTS of help from my executive assistant, I’m learning to focus on only the things that I love: mentoring, healing, writing, and taking photos.

In My Heart…

I’m head-over-heels in love with a new program I’m being guided to create. It’s designed for light leaders who work too hard for too little money. Entrepreneurs who are struggling to ground their business in a solid foundation while still being aligned with their Higher Selves.

I’m taking my time with it. I’m going deeper and becoming more intimate with it. I’m totally smitten. I can’t wait for you to be, too.

What are you into lately?

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