How To Stop Taking Life So Seriously

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Enlighten Up, People!




True or false?

Life has to be hard to be worthwhile.

If you’re not serious, people will dismiss you as a lightweight.


How to stop taking life so seriously?


I’ve discovered there’s something that just might help.

It’s a little woo-woo, but hang in there with me and see if you don’t agree.

I’m thinking there’s a posse of angels who get their kicks showing humans the secret to humility.

How to lighten-the-heck-up.


Problem is, most women refuse to acknowledge these divine creatures.

They dismiss them and even get frustrated with them.

They end up missing out on all the precious fun and laughter these angels bring.

Once you know who (or what) these angels are, you’ll be able to tap into the peace of mind and joy most women only wish they had.


And isn’t laughter and delight one of our deepest desires?

To be so in-the-moment that we forget about what had our knickers in a knot a few minutes earlier.

To get our giggle box turned over and laugh till our cheeks hurt.

To feel like our entire life is one giant canvas and each moment’s a fresh stroke of paint.


I think this is important and I believe you do, too. Otherwise I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be reading this.

Anyway, I have dubbed these “Still Life Angels” because they represent the inanimate objects in our life that, when we allow them, bring a little fun into our lives so we can stop taking everything so gosh darn seriously.


Some prime examples of your “Still Life Angels”:

  • The door that gets stuck when the temperature changes and makes you say *funny* words (This angel says “Come On, let’s do the door jam dance!”)
  • The top to the jelly jar that always seems too tight to open and when you do finally get it open you end up whipping your hand back and smacking yourself in the face (This angels says “You’re stronger than you think you are!”)
  • Your keys that lovingly hide themselves in plain sight every time you need to rush out the door (This angel says “Slow Down, Sister.”)
  • And many, many more…


This week, be on the lookout for your Still Life Angels.

Notice one? I’d love to hear about her (or him).

I’m always looking for more ways to enjoy each moment.


I’d love to hear what’s making you giggle…Leave a comment below.


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