How to Get a Million Dollars in 30 Seconds Or Less

Okay, okay…

You caught me.

I don’t have the highly guarded secrets to making a million dollars, but…

I do know there are 4 specific ways people are sabotaging their chances at getting what they want (like, a million dollars).

Here’s the full story:

Last week I was at a big event in San Diego with 300 other amazing people from around the world. Now, in the past when I’ve gone to events with lots of strangers, I’d feel out of place…wondering if they liked me, if I had anything to share with them. But not this time.

This time I decided to take a bundle of million dollar bills with me. $60 Million Dollars Cash to be exact.

Necessary Disclaimer: They aren’t “real” million dollar bills but they sure look and feel like crisp, fresh-from-the-mint-cash.

Anyway, on the first day I just stuck a few of them into the plastic name tag holder so the edges peaked out. (PRO TIP: this is a great way to get people to look at your name).

By day 2, word had gotten around that I had millions of dollars to give away. People started coming up to me and saying, Are you Lee? I heard you have a million dollars to give away.

I had become an over night success!

I decided to invite each person to play a game with me called “Show Me the Money”. I told them, All you have to do to get the million dollars is ask me for it.

Simple, right?

One would think.

Out of the 70 people who inquired about the million dollars, only 3 were able (on the first try) to walk up and simply ask for what they wanted.

I was shocked at how surprisingly difficult it was for people to shift from wanting it to asking for it.

In fact, I started to keep note of all the other ways people tried to get a million dollars and I noticed there were 4 distinctly different types of people…

The “Plea-sers”

These people began to beg and plead for the money: Oh, please, I need it so much…

The “What-do-I-gotta-doers”

These people thought they had to figure out what they had to do to get me to give it to them: Do I have to rub your feet? Bow down? Bring you something to eat?

The “Persuad-ers”

These people continually tried to convince me how MUCH they wanted the million: I really, Really, REALLY want it…

The “Demand-ers”

These people commanded – no, demanded – that I hand it over: Give it to me!


Whaaat? Hadn’t I just told them that all they had to do to get the million dollars was to ask me for it?

Talk about eye-opening.

All in all…

We had fun, with me giving hints and them trying out lots of different ways of asking for it. Meanwhile, I was smiling and fanning them with a crisp $1M bill.

Everyone eventually got their cool million and walked away happy.

Oh, one woman even came over at the end of the event and said, “That game you played with me about the million dollars was my biggest takeaway. I learned that to get what I want, the best thing I can do is ASK clearly and directly.”

So, I’m curious…

Are you a “Plea-ser”, a “What-do-I-gotta-doer”, a “Persuad-er”, a “Demand-er”, or do you take the easy way and ask for what you want?

Let me know in the comments below 🙂






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