How to Be Happy: The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

My mentor tells this great story about the last 9-5 job he ever held before becoming a coach.

It opens with “I took this job to temporarily make some money while I got my own business off the ground. Four years later...” and ends with “If it weren’t for that Angel, I wouldn’t be where I am today: living my purpose and the lifestyle of my dreams.”

So, what happened between the beginning and the end?

Complete turmoil. Upset. Frustration. Embarrassment. He had to learn how to be happy.

In other words, he met his Angel Incognito (a.k.a. The Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing).


That angel showed up disguised as a rude, irritating coworker who picked on him, embarrassed him in front of the entire office, and finally pushed my mentor too far. So far that he eventually quit his job.

The job that he had temporarily taken to save up money for his business. The job that turned into a 4-year security blanket.  At some point within those 4 years, he had stopped working on his own business and settled for a soul-suffocating existence.

Now, at the time, I don’t think my mentor was ready to call his bully an angel.

Most of us never are.

But that’s the sweet part. We don’t need to.


It wasn’t until years later that he realized if it weren’t for that rude coworker, he would not have quit his job.

He probably would never have pursued his dream of helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world experience the power of coaching.

Without his Angel Incognito, he would have ended up living a life that didn’t make him genuinely happy and fulfilled.

All I can say is, thank goodness for that angel. He hasn’t just changed my mentor’s life, but the lives of all of his clients and students, including me.


There are probably Angels Incognito in your life just doing their A.I. thing. How to be happy? Let them propel you forward into a richer life.

My hope for you is that you let them.

How about it? Any Angels in Disguise in *your* life?






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