How I Fly Across the Country and Show Up Sane (Some of My Best Healthy Travel Tips)

Travel destinations are delightful, but getting there comes with a high price to your health. Here's my top healthy travel tips for arriving sniffle-free! //

Travel destinations can be delightful, but getting there can come with a high price to your health.

I'd be lost without my supporting cast! Travel destinations are delightful, but getting there comes with a high price to your health. Here's my top healthy travel tips for arriving sniffle-free! // leesirwin.comThe literal experience of “getting away” exposes your poor body to a multitude of germs, bad sleep opportunities, time zone trials, and over-processed air.

I’m fortunate to travel frequently – this year I’m planning multiple trips to California and Costa Rica, and up to New York to visit family. I’m excited, of course, but these trips won’t be much fun if I show up with exhausted sniffles!

Here’s some of my top favorite products, techniques, and tips for healthy travel.

Glow, Baby, Glow

Drink your water no matter what – ESPECIALLY when traveling. It’s much better for your poor skin, insides, and everything else. Strange dry air and a host of public germs are better beat when you’re fully hydrated. Yes, it can be a little embarrassing to ask your seatmate to move aside for you to powder your nose, but hey – nature calls!

I like to go the extra mile by slathering my body with coconut oil right after a bath or shower. Not only is it amazing for skin health, but the oils help to lock in moisture for the long term. I keep a jar of organic unrefined coconut oil from 365 Everyday easily accessible with my pampering products.

Sleeping Beauty

Airplanes can be terrible for sleeping… so many people packed in together! Finding a set of earplugs that fit well and work great is absolutely essential for a restful journey. Your ears are as unique as the rest of you, so experiment with different sizes and materials until you find something that works for you. These are perfect for me, and I buy them in bulk. 😉 I love the Calming Sleep Formula from Trader Joe’s to help me catch some Zzz’s; it contains melatonin, L-theanine, and 5HTP for stress-free snoozing.

Get Checked Out

Keeping my stress levels down is a big part of arriving at my destination unruffled – and there’s few things more stressful than those airport security checkpoints. TSA Pre-Check makes my security experiences fast and easy – it allows me to breeze through checkpoints without even needing to take off my shoes! If you value your time, this pays for itself the very first time you get to skip the long line and keep your coat on. It works out to $17 per year and with my seven planned adventures in 2016, that’s less than $1.50 per flight! Sooo worth it.

Ban Those Bugs

A couple days before my flight I start boosting my immune system with Emergen-C. They even make a version that you drink hot, and it tastes like apple cider. These packets are light and travel well; I ask the flight attendants for a glass of water and toast to my own health!

Finally, I love love love this oregano oil concentrate from Swanson. I break open a capsule and rub the oil into the soles of my feet after a shower or bath. Oregano oil is well-known for its edible antimicrobial properties and is useful for all sorts of potential ailments.

BONUS TIP – Say “Natch” to Nicks

This is one of those little “Pinterest tips” that I tried in real life – and wouldn’t you know it, it’s awesome! Grab a mega binder clip and close it over your razor blade for instant protection as you’re rummaging around in your bag. Hurrah for no more nicked knuckles!

Trust me – your next trip will be best enjoyed in health.



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