Green Smoothie Challenge Week #3

Smoothie Challenge Week #3    April 11-17            Week #1            Week #2

Did you know that natural sugars won’t give you that crashing, I’m-gonna-smack-somebody feeling?
I’m quite the expert now.
My 30-Day Green Smoothie Challenge is more than HALF OVER – can you believe it?! I think I’ve had every greens/fruit combination under the sun. And yet, there in my inbox is yet another email with a week’s worth of creative and delicious recipes from Simple Green Smoothies. #howdotheydoit
How am I feeling? Let’s just say… I am LOVING the natural boost I get from all the fruit and vegetables! I may be gaining an itty bitty bit of weight… but that’s probably because I’m adding the smoothies into my day instead of replacing a meal with them. #ButTheyTasteSoGood
Instagram has made a big difference to how much fun this journey is – it’s like a giant community hug full of supportive and sweet people who WANT to see one another succeed! Follow me and share your green smoothie with #feelinsmoothie. I’d love to meet you!
Day Eleven – Pineapple Berry

Huh. I thought I liked cucumbers, but this did not work for me AT ALL. Hubby (who hates cucumbers, I might add) thought it was delicious… #ohwell

Day Twelve – Blueberry Kale Punch

You know you’re getting into Instagram pretty heavily when you won’t post a picture of your green smoothie… because it’s BROWN. This was tasty but rather ugly. Poor smoothie…

Day Thirteen – Cilantro Mango Detox

Ka-pow! I am LOVING the fresh herbs in my smoothies! I want to try some fresh basil…

Day Fourteen – Strawberry Blast

This was sweet & simple – perfect for sharing while hubby and I brainstormed some “date night” ideas!

Day Fifteen – Cake

Does a Chocolate Lava Cake count as a smoothie? What if it was gluten-free? No? …. Hrmph.

Day Sixteen – Morning Fuel

A new favorite! The avocado adds the perfect level of creaminess. Got me going for my workout this morning!

Day Seventeen – Freestyle

I took a break from smoothies today… and to my surprise, I missed the extra energy! Drank tons of water, though. I need to start thinking about how to incorporate this into my regular, non-30-day-challenge life.

Can’t wait to see your healthy happy faces on Instagram and everywhere!



PS: I get absolutely no monetary benefits for declaring the awesomeness of Simple Green Smoothies or their programs. I just really love living forever.

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