Game Changers Series: Nick Vujicic

This week's Game-Changer is Nick Vujicic - a man who has created beauty from ashes.

Have you ever had one of those days?

A day where no matter what you try, it feels like the whole universe has conspired against you? Where nothing goes your way?

A day that makes you ready to throw in the towel?

If so, you’re going to love this post…

I’ll be the first to admit it – my attitude isn’t always golden.

I know I’ve had mornings where I let a relatively small thing ruin my day. My hair won’t behave, or I can’t find the earrings I wanted to wear. The apples on the counter spontaneously roll onto the floor and the next thing I know, I’m snapping and shouting at inanimate objects! Well, that escalated quickly… Sheesh…

Today’s Game-Changing Artist is living proof that attitude is everything.

Nick Vujicic is the master of positive attitude and has every excuse not to be… Especially since he has no arms and no legs.

Why is Nick Vujicic on my Game-Changing Artist List?

Nick has written a book called Stand Strong (a lighthearted title for a man who can’t stand on his own two feet, don’t you think?) and speaks around the world on the power of staying positive.

He has taken his circumstances – and all the pain and bullying that came with it — and woven them into an inspiring message for others. He created beauty where others saw only the grotesque. He’s made an art out of living his own life.

You Are Beautiful - Just the Way You Are. An inspiring message from Nick Vujicic

For most of his life, Nick describes how he’s been a “bully magnet.” If there exists a nasty, cruel joke about his condition, he’s already heard it. He’s even been physically threatened! However, Nick has decided to cultivate hope and joy instead of bitterness and anger. Even better – he wants to share his peace with others!

Nick invites his audience to love without limits – and he sure understands limitations! Bullying is something to be encountered at all stages of life (sometimes it seems we never get out of high school!), and he is confident that it can be conquered. He oozes appreciation, joy and respect, and has a powerful message for women young and old: “You are beautiful. Just the way you are.”


If you’ve ever felt frustrated by the little things or the big things, you’ve got to watch Nick’s video…

Does Nick Vujicic’s game-changing story inspire you? Spread the love and leave a comment below!


This week's Game-Changer is Nick Vujicic - a man who made an art out of living his own life.

This post is part of my summer Game-Changer series. To see all of the game-changing books, films, and artists I’m sharing, click here.

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