Game Changers Series: I AM

Tom Shadyac's brilliant film "I AM" is a total game-changer!

Welcome to my summer Game Changers series!

Each week I’ll be sharing a book, film or artist that has inspired me.
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Have you ever watched a movie that changed the way you viewed the world?

One that caused you to become a better, brighter, wiser person?

One that inspired you to actually take action to improve your world (and this beautiful blue & green globe we live on)?

I AM was that movie for me.

If you've ever wondered what's wrong with the world and what can be done about it, check out Tom Shadyac's brilliant film "I AM." #gamechangerThis jaw-dropping film had me mesmerized from start to finish. (The yogurt experiment was so astounding I had to rewind and watch it twice!)

You may watch this and have doubts or questions. That’s okay – you can bring your rational self to the movie and still enjoy it. The difficult questions are asked on your behalf from the likes of Noam Chomsky, John Francis, and Lynne McTaggart – some of the most influential and highest-regarded leaders in the world.

In 2007, Tom Shadyac was a multimillionaire living in a 17,000-square-foot mansion with a private jet. He made his fortune producing blockbuster hits such as Bruce Almighty and Patch Adams. However, a horrific bike accident resulted in a diagnosis of Post-Concussion Syndrome. Symptoms such as blinding headaches and debilitating depression gradually led Tom to contemplate suicide as his only escape.

Mercifully, the symptoms faded – but facing mortality was a powerful motivator. He emerged from his illness sadder, wiser and in search of truth.

“As early as I can remember I simply wanted to know what was true…and somehow I perceived at a very early age that what I was being taught was not the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

-Tom Shadyac

I AM is the result of that pursuit of truth. Tom has only two major questions:

What’s wrong with the world?  What can we do about it?

If you haven’t already experienced the powerful game-changer I AM, put it on your list for this week.

Your world will be better, brighter,and wiser for it.

If you've ever wondered what's wrong with the world and what can be done about it, check out Tom Shadyac's brilliant film "I AM." #gamechanger

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