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Game Changers: Books // Help Thanks Wow

Welcome to my summer Game Changers series!

Each week I’ll be sharing a book, film or artist that has inspired me.
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As you read this, I am probably sipping on some tea at a darling little cafe with my husband and son in London.

I wish you could be here with me. The sights, the sounds, the people, the atmosphere, the culture – Every little thing is amazing.

Book - Help Thanks WowEver notice how “normal” things seem like extraordinary things when you’re on vacation? Tea time every day at 4 pm. I could do that at home, but it seems so special on vacation. Even plugging my hairdryer into the wall seems special. (They’ve got fancy plugs on this side of the pond!)

What if everyday life could feel this extraordinary, this special?

It can and Anne Lamott shares how in her book “Help Thanks Wow: The 3 Essential Prayers.”

First, if you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you do. It’s fantastic – the perfect summer read. Lamott is funny, witty, and downright honest about prayer, spirituality, personal growth, and transformation.

Second, here’s why…

“If we stay where we are, where we’re stuck, where we’re comfortable and safe, we die there. We become like mushrooms, living in the dark, with poop up to our chins. If you want to know only what you already know, you’re dying. You’re saying: Leave me alone; I don’t mind this little rathole. It’s warm and dry. Really, it’s fine. When nothing new can get in, that’s death. When oxygen can’t find a way in, you die. But new is scary, and new can be disappointing, and confusing – we had this all figured out, and now we don’t. New is life.”

“So prayer is our sometimes real selves trying to communicate with the Real, with Truth, with the Light. It is us reaching out to be heard, hoping to be found by a light and warmth in the world, instead of darkness and cold. Even mushrooms respond to light – I suppose they blink their mushroomy eyes, like the rest of us. Light reveals us to ourselves, which is not always so great if you find yourself in a big disgusting mess, possibly of your own creation. But like sunflowers we turn toward light. Light warms, and in most cases it draws us to itself. And in this light, we can see beyond our modest receptors, to what is way beyond us, and deep inside.”

The 3 essential prayers in Help Thanks Wow – asking for assistance from a higher power (Help), appreciating what we have that is good (Thanks), and feeling awe at the world around us (Wow – have helped me to see magic in all moments of life – the good, the bad, and the not-so-pretty.

Have you read “Help Thanks Wow?” What did you think? Leave your comments below.

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