The Five Crucial Steps of Your Business Journey

Business Guru programs only work if you fit into the Guru's "cookie cutter!" Obviously most business owners won't fit in... what's an entrepreneur to do?!

I can’t hold this in any longer.

I’m seeing all these hard working, big-hearted coaches, healers, and entrepreneurs taking endless classes and workshops. They follow big Gurus in The Transformation Industry, hoping to make enough money to keep going. Hoping they’ll eventually have a profitable business.

They have a huge passion to help the people they were meant to serve, but they compare themselves to the (few) other entrepreneurs out there who’ve seemingly had huge success… and then they feel ashamed that they haven’t Made It.

“It” is usually defined as being 6-figures or higher. So they try harder, driven by their passion…
Then they run out of energy… or money… or they go into a shame spiral and give up. They think something must be wrong with them.


But there IS something wrong with this picture. It’s the Guru’s cookie-cutter approach.

Here’s the raw truth I’ve learned from years (and tens of thousands of dollars) trying to do it their way: It only works if you share the same personality, communication style, business archetype, and energy sources as the Guru! You don’t have to be a genius mathematician to realize that this only applies to a small percentage of their followers.

(If you are a genius mathematician, I’d love to hear the actual statistics for this)

If all these pieces aren’t aligned with who you truly are at your core, then the business you’re creating won’t ever feel successful, joyful or easy. If you aren’t following your unique Divine guidance, you might have some success, but it won’t last. You’ll spend everything you earn. You’ll wonder why you’re always struggling and working too hard for too little money.

Okay, now that I’ve got that rant out of my system, here’s the GOOD news:

You CAN have a business where the things you’re doing feel *right* to you!

Imagine using strategies that keep you in a guided state of flow, doing what you love. You feel good about your offers and you’re proud of what you’re contributing to your clients. You only work with people who absolutely light you up. You show up each day with renewed energy and delighted enthusiasm.

Your bank account reflects the fact that YOU FEEL SUPPORTED, ENCOURAGED AND LOVED every step of the way.

To enjoy a business like this, you must honor 5 crucial journey markers:

  1. Your Big Why: The reason you were put on this earth
  2. Your Upstairs Business Team’s Daily Guidance
  3. Your Optimal Energy Sources
  4. Your Sacred & Business Archetypes
  5. Your unique Personality and Communication Style

That, my dear, is what’s missing in those cookie-cutter programs. A strong foundation based on a personalized map and connection to Spirit that’s unique to each entrepreneur.

Once I got this, I was even more excited about my mission — to help spiritual women entrepreneurs lead their business, securely grounded and connected to Divine guidance.


You deserve to have a business that supports you in every way as you bring your unique gifts into the world in their fullest expression.

Thank you for the light you bring into the world.

You are part of a massive shift in consciousness where compassion, intuition and love rule.

I love you for being who you are.






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