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Sticks and Stones

I got stoned last night… but it’s not what you think. I dreamed I was speaking at an event. The women in the audience pulled rocks out of their purses and threw them at me! Good Advice I’ve Given Let yourself be vulnerable. Stop hiding. Quit playing small.  Not only have I told myself these things, I’ve said them to clients! But you know what? It’s not a “snap your…

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I Burned My Brand

Sometimes you just KNOW it’s time to let go and move on. Even when it doesn’t make sense. This is what happened when I KNEW… I BURNED MY BRAND. (Whaat!? No Clickbait Here!) The day started with my Guides telling me it’s time to “clean up & clear out.” Where first? I turned to my office closet… the closet-of-shame, where I hid my mistakes. I pulled out piles of notebooks…

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Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

You know that person who's driving you crazy? They're meant to show you something about yourself. Something you can't ignore if you want to be successful...

I asked my Upstairs Business Team (aka Guides) if there was a message I could share with you all, and this is what I’ve received. This is strong (some of my Guides are very direct) and you may feel resistance to it, but please know it’s delivered with so much love. This is meant to serve those of you who need to hear it. Read on, take what you can…

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