About Me

I believe the time is now for all women to step into their most infinitely powerful selves.

This belief is at the heart of my successful international business.

Hi, I’m Lee S. Irwin, Master Coach. Intuitive Business Mentor.

For over 15 years, I’ve mentored and inspired thousands of women to live their highest purpose.

I interact with a vibrant worldwide community to support intuitive women and visionary leaders. With me, women find safe support and high level, super-practical guidance to make money and align their business with their divine purpose.

This is the reality I’m creating – where every woman meets her powerful future self and falls in love with her. This is what I want for all women on the planet.

You are meant to live your highest purpose.

Let’s do this!


Lee S. Irwin and Associates // leesirwin.com

And in case you’re curious about the personal side… keep reading. 🙂

I was born and raised a Southern girl (aka Steel Magnolia). I’m a proud mom, Mimi and wife.

Just when I had given up on ever finding the right guy, he showed up in my yoga class. Wow! He keeps encouraging my big dreams and helping me play full-out.

Yes, I’ve walked through my share of challenges and life lessons. Now I know that each one held a miraculous gift that has helped me along my earth journey.

I’m an optimist. I love my family, dark chocolate and belly laughs. I like to bring a sense of wonder when things look dark. I watercolor, write and dance to keep things juicy. I’m also quite fond of social justice, ginger gum, Irish accents and sparkly earrings.

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