10 Gifts Women Love

Whether you’ve got a sweetie or you’re flying solo, there’s always someone 100% deserving of your attention – YOU!

I’ve rounded up some of the cutest, sweetest, yummiest, giggle-inducing gifts women LOVE. Some take a little bit of money, others are completely free!

So, go ahead, be sweet and treat yourself!

1. Smiling Toast Hand Warmers.

hand warmers








USB-powered and too-cute-to-boot! Get them here.


2. A Wishing Jar.









Where do wishes go once you make them? They go in a wishing jar, of course! Get it here.


3. A Re-affirming Pillow.









Rest your head and worries… you ARE great! Get it here.


4. A Goldfish Bowl That Also Grows Herbs.









Bring new life to your kitchen and your dinner! Get it here.


5. Heart-shaped Pancake Maker.

heart pancakes








Infuse a little love into your breakfast. Get it here.


6. A Box of Goodies

gift box






Have Christmas on Valentine’s Day. Open up a gift box filled with this and you’re sure to fall in love! Get it here.


7. A New Experience

new experience






Take a new dance class or art class! Mix it up and let your inner goddess get creative.


8. Cross An Item Off Your Bucket List!

Cross off list






Whatever it is… Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate your life and do just the things you want.










Getting flowers never gets old! Freshen up your kitchen table with a beautiful bouquet of your favorite mix. I LOVE tulips!


10. HUGS.






Because they’re the absolute best (and free)!

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